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What is the nature of your services?
We are a veteran-owned company that specializes in delivering Independent Medical Opinions (Nexus Letters) and Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQs) to establish the connections between military service-related injuries or illnesses and VA benefits claims.
How long does it typically take to complete the Independent Medical Opinion (IMO) process?
The standard timeline for IMOs is approximately 7 days, assuming we have all the necessary information.
Could you define an Independent Medical Opinion (IMO) or Nexus Letter?
An Independent Medical Opinion (IMO) is a comprehensive report created after a thorough review of pertinent documentation and supportive medical literature. This report, often referred to as a Nexus Letter, establishes the connection between a medical condition and military service.
Can you explain what a Medical Record Review entails?
During a Medical Record Review, an expert evaluates your health records to determine if there is sufficient evidence to support a positive independent medical opinion. Any inconsistencies or inaccuracies in the health records are scrutinized, and all pertinent information is incorporated into the report.
Is it possible for your company to diagnose or treat medical conditions?
No, we do not provide diagnoses or treatment for any medical conditions. Our Independent Medical Opinions are based on existing diagnoses and medical evidence obtained from personal health records.
Is your assistance limited to specific states for veterans?
Our virtual platform enables us to serve veterans from any location, without geographical limitations. We are accessible to veterans regardless of their place of residence.
Are Nexus Letters and DBQs required for all veteran disability claims?
Nexus letters and DBQs are not obligatory for all disability claims, but in certain situations, they can bolster a claim's strength. If you're uncertain whether such a report would be beneficial for your case, it's advisable to seek advice from an accredited legal professional.
Am I allowed to submit multiple Nexus letters or DBQs?
Certainly, you can submit multiple Nexus letters or DBQs, particularly if you have multiple medical conditions or require additional supporting evidence. It's essential to ensure that each document provides relevant and accurate information about your conditions and their connections to military service.
Do you offer financing or payment plans?
We are open to collaborating with you on a payment plan customized to meet your specific financial needs. However, all fees must be settled before we finalize the documents. Please get in touch with us for more information regarding payment arrangements.
Can you guarantee the success of my benefits claim?
We cannot provide a guarantee of a specific claim outcome. If our experts determine that the evidence does not support a positive opinion, we will not offer assistance with a letter and will provide clear and transparent feedback. The success of your claim depends on various factors, including the strength of the evidence and the VA's evaluation.


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